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  • July8th

    For many Adirondack brides, preserving the wedding dress is a given. But have you considered preserving your wedding flowers, too? Because you can do it yourself at home, it’s far less costly than preserving your gown, and instead of sitting in the back of your closet, this pretty memento will liven up your home with memories of your big day.

    How to dry your wedding flowers | Adirondack Weddings Magazine

    Preserving flowers by drying them is one of the simplest and most elegant craft ideas. You might choose to dry not only your bridal bouquet, but also the flowers from your reception centerpieces. Once the flowers have dried, hang them upside down on a wall or arrange them in a vase where they can be admired every day. There are many different techniques for preserving flowers, but we like this one for its simplicity.

    How to dry your wedding flowers | Adirondack Weddings Magazine

    You will need:
    - Thin twine
    - A tack
    - Hairspray or an aerosol flower sealer

    Step one. Place the flowers in water as soon as possible after use on your big day. If you’re not going to be carrying your bouquet around after saying, “I do,” choose someone trustworthy ahead of time who can put them somewhere safe.
    Step two. As soon as possible, remove the flowers from the water and gently dry the stems with a clean towel. Adjust any flowers or ribbons that may have come undone.
    Step three. Wrap the twine around the flowers where they’re already tied with the ribbon or lace, and leave a long piece free (about 6”). Turn the end of the long piece of twine into a small hook.
    Step four. With a nail or a tack, hang the flowers upside down (against a wall or from the ceiling if you don’t want one side to flatten while drying). Only hang them in a well-ventilated, dry area with no direct sunlight.
    Step five. Leave until they are completely dry. Be patient; this can take up to four weeks, depending on the flowers!
    Step six. Generously spray the entire bouquet with hairspray or aerosol flower sealer.

    How to dry your wedding flowers | Adirondack Weddings Magazine

    Once your flowers have dried, let the decorating begin! Hang them on the wall next to your framed wedding photograph or use a vase from your reception to create a new centerpiece for your dining room table. Drying and displaying your flowers allows them to be like your love – everlasting!

    — Story by Felicia Bonanno

    Editor’s note: Have you used your wedding flowers to decorate your love nest? Let us know! We are planning a story on this very topic for an upcoming issue of the print magazine. We’d love to feature your story!

  • July2nd

    Independence Day is here, meaning it’s time to enjoy delicious foods and partake in festivities that celebrate freedom. For brides and grooms-to-be looking for a healthy snack appropriate for these hot midsummer days, we’ve created a colorful parfait made of Greek yogurt, Chia seeds, and assorted berries.

    Greek yogurt parfait with chia seeds and berries

    Greek yogurt parfait with chia seeds and berries

    Chia seeds are an easy and healthy addition to many plates. They’re a good source of omega-3 acids, antioxidants, fibre, calcium, and protein.

    Greek yogurt parfait with chia seeds and berries

    •   2 cups of Greek yogurt (We chose to use vanilla flavored.)
    •   1/8 cup of Chia seeds
    •   2/3 cup of light cream
    •   A couple dashes of cinnamon

    1)  Mix the Greek yogurt with the Chia seeds, light cream, and cinnamon.
    2)  Place the bowl in the fridge to keep the yogurt cool and to let the Chia seeds soak up the moisture from the yogurt and the cream.
    3)  After 20-30 minutes, take the yogurt and layer it into a dish with blueberries and strawberries for a festive appeal and yummy combination.

    Greek yogurt parfait with Chia seeds and berries

    Greek yogurt parfait with Chia seeds and berries

    Crazy about the 4th of July and delicious color-themed treats? Make sure to also check out our homemade recipes for a layered Stars & Stripes Cocktail and Cream Cheese and Cinnamon Pound Cake. Here’s to a safe and happy holiday weekend!

    Story, recipe, and photos by Kat Pastula

  • June11th

    Every bride deserves to walk down the aisle with confidence, and confidence begins with having healthy skin. The months prior to your wedding is the perfect time to indulge yourself with a spa facial. But to achieve or maintain glowing skin at home, look no further than your kitchen! Honey isn’t just a great wedding favor; it also smooths your skin. For a gentle face scrub, combine with other simple ingredients you probably already have on hand — milk, oatmeal, and olive oil.

    DIY oatmeal honey face scrub

    Each of these ingredients have special benefits that will leave your skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated.

    Using milk as a skin care product can be traced back to hieroglyphic writing. It’s believed Cleopatra used milk regularly as a part of her skincare routine, and with all of the benefits, it’s easy to see why: milk shrinks pores, prevents premature aging, removes stains, and soothes irritations.

    Oatmeal is made up of polysaccharides, carbohydrates composed of blended sugar molecules. When added to liquid, polysaccharides form a gel, so when it’s applied to your skin, it moisturizes, softens, and nourishes it, giving it a longer-lasting protection. The flakes also help exfoliate your skin, removing the dead skin cells and leaving it smoother.

    Olive Oil
    Using organic or extra virgin olive oil will allow your skin to stay hydrated. Olive oil contains the right acids and polyphenols that help trap water in your skin and keep it moisturized.

    Because honey is a natural antibacterial, a simple application can keep your skin bacteria-free. Honey will also moisturize and soften your skin.

    DIY oatmeal honey face scrub | Adirondack Weddings Magazine

    Without having any of these ingredients on hand, the scrub will cost a maximum of $10-15, depending on the brands you prefer. Because the recipe calls for only a teaspoon or two for each ingredient, you will have more than enough ingredients for multiple scrubs.

    • 1 tsp whole milk
    • 1 tsp honey
    • 1 tsp organic or extra virgin olive oil
    • 2 tsp oatmeal

    1. Gently wash your face with warm water before you begin.
    2. In a bowl, add 1 teaspoon of milk, 1 teaspoon of honey, and 1 teaspoon of olive oil.
    3. Add 2 teaspoons of oatmeal to the mixture. Tip: Blend oatmeal in a blender to get smaller pieces, which work better as a scrub.
    4. Let the mixture sit for about 5 minutes, or until the oatmeal flakes are soft.
    5. Gently rub in circular motions all over your face.
    6. Massage the paste over your face for about 1-2 minutes.
    7. With warm water, gently wash off the paste.
    8. Rinse again with cold water to leave your face feeling smooth and refreshed.

    With a preparation time of less than five minutes, keeping your skin radiant and smooth is a snap. You can even make it a party by inviting your bridesmaids over for some girl talk and beauty bonding. Here’s to health, relaxation, and gorgeous wedding day skin!

    Story by Heidi LaPoint

  • June4th

    As the last bit of chill leaves the air and the first buds of Adirondack wildflowers emerge from the no-longer-frozen ground, we at Adirondack Weddings can’t help but think of all the romantic possibilities warmer weather holds. Fresh green leaves are brightening the landscape and the scent of lilacs are filling the air with sweet, intoxicating aromas … early summer just might be the perfect time to get outside with your beloved. Why not make the most of nature by enjoying it with a picnic? (We happen to believe yummy food makes everything better!) To prepare for your day outdoors, here are 5 tips for creating a perfect romantic picnic.

    ADK spring and summer date ideas | Adirondack Weddings Magazine

    1. Location. The Adirondacks offer some of the most peaceful landscapes in the world. Whether you prefer the High Peaks or the hundreds of lakes and ponds to be found around their bases, a picnic in the Adirondack Park region is sure to create a lasting memory to share. From the highest altitudes of the ‘Dacks to the serene shores of Lake Champlain, there are more than enough incredible open-to-the-public locations for your romantic picnic. Pointe Au Roche State Park, Plattsburgh City Beach, and Mount Poke-O-Moonshine in Chestertown are good places to start!

    2. Food. Of course, the main ingredient to any picnic is lots of delicious food! You can go classic with sandwiches and potato salad, but for a truly romantic day, why not spice up the old with some new? Gazpacho, a chilled Spanish soup, is a perfect refreshment for a sunny day, especially served with fresh bread and a selection of cheeses. Or get creative with different variations on pasta salad – sesame noodle, pesto with caramelized onions, or seafood and herbs. If you decide to go the classic route, feel free to add some tweaks, like a pinch of curry powder in your egg/potato salad, or a dollop of hot-pepper cranberry jelly on your turkey club sandwiches. It doesn’t take much to turn a commonplace dish into a gourmet experience. And don’t forget dessert! You can’t go wrong with chocolate chip cookies (an easily-portable classic) or these delicious cream puffs featured on the blog.

    ADK Picnic | Adirondack Weddings Magazine

    3. Drink. Almost as important as your picnic foods are your drinks. A bottle of chilled white wine is perfect for a romantic rendezvous in the sun and pairs perfectly with cheese, fruit, and fresh bread. If wine isn’t your thing, bring a thermos of your favorite cocktail. Mojitos make refreshing warm-weather drinks, and mimosas are a sweet addition to any brunch (indoors or out!). But if you’d rather skip the alcohol and enjoy the scenery without the buzz, try making a delicious fruit-infused water by packing a pitcher of water with chunks of your favorite fruits. Store overnight, then scoop out most of the fruit (leave a few pieces for presentation), pack your chilled creation in a thermos, and enjoy!

    4. Play. A date in the sun is a perfect excuse to get playful, and maybe even a little competitive! Play catch while you talk and enjoy the scenery, have a sprint race up a nearby hill, or even make up your own game. Either way, make it fun, be playful, and make each other laugh! And remember: everyone’s a winner when rewards are given in kisses!

    5. Relax. While it’s fun to play around with your sweetie, the best part of your picnic should be the time you spend doing nothing besides enjoying each other. Lie your head on your beloved’s chest and just breathe in the nature around you. Hold hands and take a stroll through the trees and backtrails. Give a piggy-back ride. Share a kiss in the shade of a tree. Forget about the stresses of everyday life and just enjoy each other.

    Winter has been cooping us inside for too long, and now is the perfect time to start taking advantage of the beautiful change of season happening around us. Enjoy the warmth and renewal of the sun as your gorgeous views and delicious meal help melt the realities of the world away – even for just a little while.

    — Story by Elizabeth R. Davidson

  • May29th

    Heidi LaPoint, a native North Country girl—and Adirondack Weddings’ first ever intern!—recently visited family in mid-Texas and was struck by the similarities between the two seemingly different regions. The Adirondacks represent one of America’s farthest points north, and the state of Texas is one of America’s farthest point south, yet common ground can be found in the rolling hills, the thriving farms, and a love of rustic, nature-inspired wedding details.

    Much like the Adirondacks, “Hill Country,” the prominent hills of Central Texas, is known for its rich history, hospitality, plentiful outdoor activities, and beautiful rustic weddings. Consisting of a whopping 25 counties that stretch from Austin to San Antonio, you might in fact say Hill Country is to Texas what the Adirondack Park is to New York State—a lush, green region that draws millions of tourists from all over the world.

    Texas Hill Country | Adirondack Weddings Magazine

    Creatures & Culture. One of the best parts of both regions is the plentiful wildlife and farm animals that can be found within. Whether it’s an Adirondack moose or a Texas longhorn, there’s always a fascinating creature to look at in either locale. Camping, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor adventures are a way of life, and keep both tourists and year-round residents busy. The wineries in both areas are a popular choice for visitors, along with wilderness trails, nature centers, theaters, amusement parks, and museums.

    “Small Town” Hospitality. Tourists in both regions often praise the friendly atmosphere. Tim McGraw couldn’t have said it better in his hit, “Southern Voice”: “It’s, ‘Hi ya’ll, did ya eat? Well, come on in. I’m sure glad to know ya.’” That describes Hill Country hospitality in a nutshell, but the same warmth can be found in towns throughout the Adirondacks. In fact, when country singer Justin Moore performed at the Clinton County Fair in Plattsburgh in 2010, he told the audience how nice it was to find what’s thought of as “southern hospitality” alive and well up here in the North.

    Significant History. Both Hill Country and the Adirondack region were home to serious battles that helped shape our country forever. The Battle of the Alamo, which took place in present day San Antonio, was an important fight in the formation of modern America. In the 1820s, “El Alamo” was a fort controlled by Mexicans who had claimed their freedom from Spain. During this time, Texas-bound migration by Americans was becoming more popular. The Texan newcomers felt threatened by the Mexicans, so in 1835, 200 Texans seized the fort and gained control of The Alamo. Among these volunteers was famous frontiersman Davy Crockett.

    Naturally, losing the fort didn’t sit well with the Mexicans. On February 23, 1836, more than a thousand Mexican troops marched to the Alamo site in hopes to take back what was originally theirs. This thirteen-day battle was a major part of the Texas Revolution. Outnumbered and unprepared, the Texans bravely attempted to fight off the Mexican troops for as long as they could, under the impression that help was on the way. Help never did come, though, leaving no chance of survival for the Texans. Although they lost this specific battle, they earned a victory on April 26, 1836, at San Jacinto—near present day Houston—where 800 men defeated the Mexicans while yelling “Remember the Alamo!” Here, they captured General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, who agreed to end the war.

    The Battle of the Alamo is reminiscent of The Battle of Valcour Island, which took place in 1776 on the Adirondack Coast of Lake Champlain. The story of this battle is featured in Volume 3 of Adirondack Weddings and was the site of our featured bridal shoot. Both battles were lost by a small, scrappy group of Americans who later found victory against stronger opposing forces.

    The Alamo attracts more than 2.5 million visitors a year and is only minutes away from the San Antonio River Walk, pictured below. Valcour Island, which is accessible by kayak, canoe, or boat, has also hosted millions of visitors over the years.

    River Walk near The Alamo | Texas Hill Country | Adirondack Weddings Magazine

    Rustic Weddings! Couples don’t have to be history buffs to appreciate the beauty of these battle sites, and many opt to get married in venues overlooking the Alamo, or on the shores of Lake Champlain. The beautiful backdrops even draw celebrity weddings; country music superstars Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton tied the knot in Hill Country in May 2011, while many stars of the silver screen eloped to the Adirondacks during the Gilded Age.

    Not surprisingly, rustic chic weddings are common in both Hill Country and the Adirondacks. Cowboy boots have made their transition from traditional barn attire to glamorous wedding kicks in recent years. This trend may seem like an obvious one in Texas, where wearing cowboy boots and two-stepping to country music in local saloons is the norm. After all, Hill Country is home to a town called Bandera, the cowboy capital of the world. However, we have seen this trend occur more over the past couple years in the Adirondacks, and it has opened the door for brides adapting other southern symbols in their weddings, like mason jars, hay bales, tractors, old trucks, cowboy hats, and of course, horses. Likewise, the South has borrowed some of the Adirondacks’ time-honored wedding details, such as wood slab plate charges, birch bark cakes, pack baskets, and pine cones. Other common country chic details in today’s weddings include milk jars, barrels, and wooden crates.

    Cowboy Boots | Adirondack Weddings Magazine
    Cowboy Boots | As Seen in Volume 1 of Adirondack Weddings Magazine

    By combining and sharing wedding traditions, brides and grooms from the North to the South are creating gorgeous, nature-inspired celebrations like never before. Though we may be at opposite points of America, at heart, it seems we are not that different after all.

    —Story and photos by Heidi LaPoint

  • May21st

    There’s a good reason why we use the word “honey” as a term of an endearment. Honey oozes natural sweetness and even looks heavenly, like an amber-colored beam of sunlight. Like love, it makes anything in life sweeter.

    Honey is delicious on its own, but spicing up the bees’ craftsmanship with herbs can give a whole new meaning to the term “nectar of the gods.” Herb-infused honey is incredibly simple, natural, and a great way to add a new flavor to your favorite tea, baklava, pancakes, or any number of delicious foods you might serve at your wedding or bridal shower. For those looking for a unique favor idea, this honey can be prepared in a large batch, poured into decorative jars, and given away as gifts. Imagine how impressed your guests would be to find out you made it yourself!

    Lavender Honey Favors | Adirondack Weddings Magazine

    Flowery herbs don’t just make honey tastier, they also add a medicinal quality. Lavender and chamomile relieve stress, for example. (Just think of it as taking your daily medicine!) To create your own signature blend of honey with your honey, follow these simple steps:

    1. Buy a jar of real honey, raw or otherwise. (Local honey is always a bonus, especially if you suffer from seasonal allergies! Local honey will have bits of pollen from native plants in your area, so you’ll slowly build up immunity to the allergens.)

    2. Next, choose your herbs. Have fun with this step, but make sure you do research first to figure out what you’re going for and if the herbs are safe to ingest. Our personal favorite herb is lavender, which is pictured here. Other ideas include rose petals, sage, chamomile, peppermint, cinnamon, and vanilla.

    3. Fill a large, empty jar halfway with the herbs of your choice.

    4. Next, slowly pour the honey over the herbs, filling the jar.

    5. Seal tightly and place the jar on a west-facing windowsill that receives plenty of sunlight during the day. Leave for at least two weeks.

    6. Once you’ve let the mixture sit at least two weeks, drain the honey through a strainer and pick out any leftover stems or leaves. Pour into a cute jar — or any number of smaller jars — and enjoy!

    Even before the wedding festivities begin, herb-infused honey is a great way to sweeten up tea and help you relax during countless hours of wedding planning. So get your honey dipper out, thank the bees, and revel in flowery bliss.

    — Story by Felicia Bonanno

  • May14th

    Spring has finally arrived in the Adirondacks! The beaming sunshine and light breezes inspire ideal date night adventures, in or outdoors. As the temperatures heat up, we want to make sure your date nights do, too. Here are some ideas to help jump-start your spring and summer adventures with your sweetheart.

    ADK spring and summer date ideas | Adirondack Weddings Magazine

    1. Spring clean
    Is performing a chore really our first date suggestion? Yes! Pick a project and make it fun by spinning some tunes and taking frequent dance breaks. Perhaps suggest a contest to see who can clean or organize the most in a set period of time. If spring had an official motto, it might be “out with the old, and in with the new.” Clearing out the clutter will make you feel great and get you primed for some of the other date ideas on our list.

    2. First cone of the season
    Warm weather is often accompanied by a craving for cold, refreshing treats. Indulge it! Share your first soft serve cone (called a “cremee” by our Vermont neighbors across Lake Champlain). Take a stroll during sunset, and enjoy the ambiance and scenery of the sky’s spring colors.

    3. Plan a picnic lunch
    Many engagements have begun with romantic picnic lunches! Lucky for us, picnic season is finally here. Pack up some sandwiches and snacks to enjoy while you bask in the spring sunshine and embrace the ambiance of the outdoors. In the mood to get active before or after the meal? Pack some sports equipment and kick a soccer ball around or play catch with a baseball.

    4. Go for an outdoor jog
    Shedding winter weight is a common goal once warm weather comes around. You might want to drop a few to fit into your wedding dress, or just to feel healthier. Why not tone up with your partner by your side? Try a relaxed jog together! Pairing up for exercise can be a great motivator to get moving in the fresh Adirondack air.

    5. Visit a local vineyard or winery
    On a warm spring day, nothing beats a nice glass of wine. Most wineries are open during mid-to-late spring. Sample local blends to discover each other’s tastes. If you find one you both really like, take a bottle home! Toast to a perfect date and future memories for your blossoming love.

    6. Eat at a restaurant with outdoor seating
    Find a restaurant with outdoor seating and reserve a table! It’s always nice to relax and enjoy a meal without having to prepare it yourself. Choose a dish with seasonal ingredients for the ultimate warm weather restaurant experience.

    7. Drive-in movie date or rainy day movie night
    If you’ve never been to a drive-in theater, be sure to give it a try! Most drive-ins open in the springtime (there are a few in the Lake George region, one in Ballston Spa, and one in Sacandaga Lake). If the showing gets rained out, no worries — simply rent or stream a film for a quiet movie night at home.

    ADK spring and summer date ideas | Adirondack Weddings Magazine

    8. Paddle boating
    The water in the lake is probably still too frigid for swimming, but why not paddle around the lake and bask in the springtime sunshine with your partner? Renting a paddle boat is usually very inexpensive (around $10-$15) and it’s also great exercise for your legs!

    9. Visit a local orchard
    Orchards open in the springtime and depending on the month and season, there are plenty of options for fruits and vegetables to pick. Fresh food that you pick yourselves is as good as it gets! Once you’ve gathered your fresh picks, take them home and make a meal together.

    10. Watch a baseball game
    Wear your team colors and bring your “A” game to a baseball game! If you’re not a expert, but your betrothed is, give him or her a chance to impress as well as educate you with their vast sports knowledge.

    ADK spring and summer date ideas | Adirondack Weddings Magazine

    11. Hit the beach!
    We won’t overlook the obvious–hit the beach! Put your toes in the water, write in the sand, and enjoy a lovely stroll along the beach. Even though beaches are more commonly visited later in the season, you and your sweetie can surely beat the crowd and embark on a scenic romantic stroll for some exercise and good times.

    12. Mini golf
    Even if (or especially if) you have bad aim and no hand-eye coordination, mini-golf is fun and sure to create lots of laughs. Grab and putter and suggest a friendly competition! Some places even offer mini-golf in the evenings with glow-in-the-dark lights, which might even inspire some canoodling on the course.

    Thankfully, the frigid temps of winter are finally behind us, so get outside with your betrothed and enjoy a warm weather rendezvous. Spending time as a couple creates new memories and keeps the spark alive — year-round!

    Story by Anne Rathe

  • May7th

    We’ve taken the plunge into Instagram! One of the great things about Instagram is that we can use it to offer a behind-the-scenes look at what we’re up to, whether it’s visiting New York City or having a happy hour martini at a local Adirondack establishment.

    Adirondack Weddings on Instagram

    Follow us here and stay up-to-date. Our account on Instagram differs from the way we use our other social media (Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, primarily) because it’s more immediate and impromptu. As you’ll see from our small-but-growing collection of images, we’ve thus far used Instagram the way it’s meant to be used, meaning we snap and upload almost all photos directly from our mobile phones. Here are a few examples:

    Adirondack Weddings Magazine on Instagram

    Whether you are a real Adirondack bride or groom, or simply a reader interested in our adventures, please join us. Hashtag: #seeyouthere!

  • April30th

    The Adirondacks provide some of the lushest landscapes in the world, inspiring millions of tourists, outdoor adventurers, and environmentalists alike. It makes perfect sense that many of the brides and grooms who marry in the ADKs strive to be environmentally conscious at their weddings. Here we offer 7 tips that allow couples to respect the area’s gorgeous surroundings by reducing their event’s carbon footprint, ensuring future generations can say “I do” in the same beautiful landscapes that backdrop today’s Adirondack weddings.

    Eco-friendly weddings | Adirondack Weddings Magazine

    1. Use local ingredients. Sourcing an entire dinner menu from 100% local ingredients is the work of saints and martyrs, but it’s easy to incorporate local ingredients alongside your caterer’s regular options. (Of course, your job is infinitely easier if your food comes from a local farm, or if your caterer works with local farms, which is thankfully true in the case of our caterers in the Adirondack Weddings vendor directory.) Local food makes for a fresher and more ethical menu for your wedding. Think seasonally, especially in respect to produce, and meet with your caterer early on to discuss your “locavore” options.

    2. Keep the guest list under control. It can happen so quickly – what was meant to be a small affair grows until it becomes a huge event. Don’t get swept away in plus-ones and last-minute invites. Does your fifth grade English teacher really need to be there? Does your second cousin really need to bring a date? Keeping the reception small will make for a more intimate affair with a smaller carbon footprint.

    3. Choose re-wearable bridesmaids’ dresses. Many women have a bridesmaid’s dress or two hanging in their closet that may have looked beautiful with their friend’s wedding décor, but let’s face it: how often will a full-skirted, satin lavender dress with a beaded bust come in handy? Prevent waste by consulting with your bridesmaids and finding a style and material that would be practical to wear again, and chat with your salon’s bridal consultant for suggestions on versatile dress styles. (Of course, we recommend starting your search at our favorite local bridal salons!)

    Eco friendly weddings | Adirondack Weddings Magazine

    4. Find a versatile venue. By choosing a venue that will accommodate both the ceremony and the reception, you can avoid the mass envoy (and resulting air pollution) that usually follows a ceremony. Your guests will appreciate the ease as well. Our vendor directory showcases many gorgeous venues in the area that allow you to host your event all at one location. A notable stand-out for eco-friendly weddings is The Wild Center, billed as “the Adirondack’s greenest wedding facility.” (A gorgeous wedding at The Wild Center was featured in our debut issue!)

    5. Encourage guests to carpool. Create a carpool group on Facebook for your guests. Most guests will probably still opt to take their own cars, but providing a place for all your guests to seek or offer rides will reduce the environmental impact of your event while also providing a helpful resource that many guests will appreciate. This is also great for guests who want to drink; carpooling will offer a safe and sober ride back to their home or hotel.

    6. Opt for locally grown flowers. Consult with your local florist and arrange to use flowers only from your state or region. If you can’t go 100%, make your arrangements as local as possible. This may eliminate some options, but with so many choices out there, you may even benefit from a little narrowing down.

    7. Dry and reuse the arrangements. With all the thought that goes into your wedding flowers, why let them fall to waste just days after the ceremony? You can preserve their beauty by simply hanging them upside-down with string and leaving them to dry for several days. Drying the flowers separately yields the best result, but you can also try this with fully assembled bouquets. (Check back soon for more information; we plan to feature a blog tutorial on preserving your wedding flowers!)

    Eco-friendly weddings | Adirondack Weddings Magazine

    While it takes a little added effort, lessening the environmental impact of your wedding is not as daunting as it may seem. By picking and choosing which options fit with your plans, you can decide how committed you want to be, knowing that even the smallest considerations can make a difference to the environment and the local economy. Turns out it’s pretty easy being green!

    Story by Elizabeth R. Davidson

  • April23rd

    As an Adirondack bride to be, you’ve probably spent many hours dreaming about all the details of your big day. You’ve tried on dozens of dresses, you’ve scouted locations, you’ve pinned hundreds of inspirational images on Pinterest — but have you thought about your accessories yet? In the tradition of our DIY Bridal Earring Set and DIY Fall Leaf Bouquet tutorials, we’ve created an original “do-it-yourself” (DIY) on one of the day’s most important accessories — your headpiece!

    Many lovely bridal headbands are available in bridal boutiques or online shops, but they often cost upwards of $100. A more original alternative that also happens to put less strain on your wallet is to make a headpiece yourself! For a fraction of the cost, you can use our method below for a simple and elegant bridal hairpiece for the bride, for bridesmaids, or for flower girls. In creating this quick project, we used a plain white headband, lace pieces, and iron-on Swarovski element crystals, all of which are available from any craft store. (Our cost for the final product was less than $15!)

    DIY lace headbands | Adirondack Weddings Magazine

    DIY lace headbands | Adirondack Weddings Magazine


    A plain headband or ribbon
    Super glue or fabric glue
    Iron-on crystals or other decorative elements
    A piece of lace
    Fabric stiffener (optional, available online or at your local craft store)


    1. To get a smooth work surface, iron your lace on a medium heat setting with no steam. Take care to protect it by covering with a piece of cloth, like a hand towel or pillowcase.
    2. Position your crystal or decorative elements. Take your time as this may require a little playing with. Do you like a lot of bling? Or just a touch of sparkle? Now’s the time to decide.
    3. Once you’ve positioned your crystals, carefully cover with cloth and iron according to the direction on the package. It may be best to work with a little bit at a time; that way, you don’t jostle your pieces and end up ironing something to the wrong spot.
    4. Allow the lace to cool, then it’s time to attach everything to the head band or ribbon. If you’re using a piece of ribbon, fold the length in half and gently iron the folded end to mark your center. If you’re using a headband, you may want to place it in your hair and use trial and error to find the best positioning for the lace.
    5. Once you’ve decided on the positioning, carefully apply a dot of fabric or super glue to your headband and press the lace in place. Start at one end and work toward the other, ensuring that your placement remains intact.
    6. Allow to dry completely.
    7. Optional Step: You may want to apply a fabric stiffener (or you can make a 1:1 solution of Elmer’s White or clear glue) to prevent the lace from warping or drooping, especially if you’re using a larger piece. Regular spray starch will not likely be strong enough unless you are using a very delicate, fine piece of lace.

    DIY lace headbands | Adirondack Weddings Magazine

    Use this DIY to create your own personal wedding style while being thrifty. You could even incorporate your “something old” by using a vintage piece of lace or ribbon, perhaps a piece passed down from an older generation. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to create a beautiful bridal keepsake!

    — Story and photos by Elizabeth Piseczny