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  • Badges


Want an Adirondack Weddings badge for your website? Link to us by copying the code below and pasting it into the html of your blog or website. (Are you a featured vendor? Get your badge here!)




Show your affiliation with us! Our vendors are cordially invited to display these badges on their website.

Who is allowed to display the “featured vendor” badge?

The featured vendor badge is exclusively for use by our current members. If you are not a member, but would like to link to us as a resource for Adirondack brides and grooms, please use the standard “Adirondack Weddings” badge above.

I’m a current vendor! Can I personalize my badge to click through to my page on your website?

Yes! This can be achieved by a simple alteration to our code, which you can do yourself. On the first line of code, change “http://adirondack-weddings.com/” to your page’s direct URL (which should look something like, “http://adirondack-weddings.com/vendors-2/your-business-name”). Your site’s visitors will be able to click on the badge and directly connect to your listing with us.

Can I alter the size of my badge for a custom fit?

Yes! Again, a simple change in the code makes this possible. The “300 x 300″ badge will render well up to 560 pixels by 560 pixels. Change the last line of code (height=”300″ width=”300″) to your chosen size (for instance, height=”400″ width=”400″). Conversely, you can downsize it (e.g., height=”200″ width=”200″).