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The holiday season is here once again — lights decorate neighborhood trees and a dusting of snow coats the ground — meaning the time has come to pick out the perfect present for your sweetie. To help inspire you, we’ve put together this list, which features an array of choices from lavish to frugal, from handmade to digital. Scroll down for our list, and for even more ideas, be sure to check out last year’s holiday gift guide, 15 Romantic & Fun Holiday Gift Ideas. Without further ado:

20 Christmas and Holiday Present Ideas | Adirondack Weddings Magazine

DIY & Special Touches

1. Commemorate moments in your life together by penning a detailed memory book of your relationship. Buy a monogrammed journal such as this one and hand write memories of special times in the life that you’ve shared. Add more to the journal as your relationship grows.

2. Buy your betrothed their dream house! Wait, too expensive? Then perhaps try a house made of gingerbread, customized to look like the home you hope to one day share. Add personal touches, like your partner’s favorite candy, to make it really special. Bake your own or try out a kit, such as this Minions gingerbread house or this gingerbread cottage.

3. Decorate a simple red cardboard gift box with glitter, stickers, text, or photos and tuck a personalized coupon inside, perhaps redeemable for a kiss under the mistletoe or your beloved’s favorite homemade dinner.

4. If your sweetie spends way too much time at his desktop computer (who doesn’t these days?), try custom designing your own mouse pad by decorating a blank white mouse pad with a photo transfer — ideally, a photo of the two of you!

Classic Gifts

1. If jewelry is a must for your lovely lady, try a pair of sophisticated studs like these relatively inexpensive sterling silver gemstone earrings. For the man in your life, consider a watch, like this classic stainless steel option.

2. A custom ornament is the perfect traditional, inexpensive gift for your beloved. Make it a keepsake by choosing one imprinted with the year. Did you get married in 2015? Frame your favorite wedding photo in this personalized wedding ornament.

3. A tailored gift basket to suit your love’s taste is sure to delight them. Make your own by putting together their favorite things, perhaps including this Crabtree & Evelyn body lotion and a quilted reversible throw blanket, or pick an already-assembled basket of goodies, such as this chocolate sampler gift basket.

4. Comfortable sheets make all the difference when you’re relaxing in bed with your special someone. This affordable navy blue silky satin sheet set is an elegant favorite.

5. Is that love in the air? Candles are an easy way to make an otherwise ordinary day romantic. Try this Christmas cookie scented Yankee Candle, which has the added bonus of making your home smell like the holiday season.

Leisure, Camping, & Travel Gifts

1. If your sweetie is an outdoorsy, Adirondack-loving camper type, try this High Sierra backpack, or this Coleman Palmetto cool weather sleeping bag. This cute purple women’s hydration pack is sure to inspire her adventurous spirit.

2. Do you travel a lot? If so, consider this adorable and inexpensive luggage tag to give your sweetie an easy way to recognize her luggage.

3. Surprise your beloved by booking an engagement or anniversary photo session with a local photographer. Browse through our fantastic roster of photographers in the photography section of our online vendor directory.

4. The hustle & bustle of the holiday season can cause both of you to stress out. Give your special someone a gift certificate for a spa date at the The Spa at Mirror Lake Inn in Lake Placid. Pick a pampering treatment and relax and unwind together.

5. For your music-crazed partner, buy tickets to a local concert. Whether it’s a band you’ve both loved for years or a rising local artist, live performances are an exciting way to spice up regular date nights. Do you love live music but hate crowds? Then purchase a live concert DVD and watch it together at home.

“Extended Release” Gifts

1. The best gifts keep on giving months beyond the holidays. Try a season pass to a ski resort or season tickets to your sweetie’s favorite sporting event.

2. “Of the month” subscription gifts usually range anywhere from 3 months to a year, depending on your preference. Consider, for instance, this 6-month K-cup Coffee of the Month Club. You can put together monthly deliveries of anything you’d like using a program such as Amazon’s Subscribe & Save. From monthly beauty products to pet care, you are bound to discover something that will keep your sweetie cheerful all-year long.

3. Guarantee a date night every month by jotting ideas down on a 2016 calendar of your choosing. We adore this 2016 Adirondacks Wall Calendar. There are thousands of options, from the 2016 Star Wars The Force Awakens Wall Calendar to the 2016 Hello Love Wall Calendar.

4. Memberships and renewals are both perfect and practical for anything your partner takes interest in. If gaming, try this Xbox Live 12-Month Gold Membership Card, and if it’s fitness, try a gym membership. If you are drawing a blank, renew a currently expired membership.

5. To cater to your betrothed’s unique interests, try a magazine subscription. There’s a magazine for almost everything! Is he crazy about cats? Try I Love Cats. Is she a tattoo lover? Try Inked. And on the topic of magazines, we have one final suggestion …

Wedding planning

1. Last but not least, if you don’t yet have all three copies of Adirondack Weddings Magazine, you can still order in time for Christmas! Like last year, we’ll ship out copies same or next business day on all orders received this month. Packages go out by USPS Priority Mail. While we can’t control how long the postal service will take to deliver the goods, we can promise we’ll do our part in getting orders out the door.

And there you have it! Need more ideas? Scroll through last year’s holiday gift guide here: 15 Romantic & Fun Holiday Gift Ideas.

As the weather grows colder and Christmas nears, treasure the moments spent with your significant other, family, and friends. Here’s to a happy holiday season!

— Story by Anne Rathe

1 Comment

  • Comment by Elisa Schneider — December 7, 2014 @ 7:40 pm

    I can’t wait to try these great ideas this Christmas! I am always looking for a personal present to give and these are perfect. My favorite of these gift ideas is the monogrammed journal. I like that the journal is a continuous present; super romantic and thoughtful!

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