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Last week we at Adirondack Weddings magazine had the pleasure of attending International Bridal Fashion Week in New York City, where the best-of-the-best in the wedding industry get together each fall to showcase their new designs for the upcoming year. We attended runway shows, met top designers, saw countless gorgeous gowns, and chatted up some of the biggest names in the wedding industry.

Adirondack Weddings at International Fashion Week

As you can see, Pier 94 was filled to the brim with all kinds of bridal loveliness. It was impossible not to touch the fabrics and try on the accessories. (That’s Laura underneath the awesome headpiece.) Trends we noticed? Lots of high lace necklines, beaded sashes, and interesting boleros (jackets) with lace, feathers, faux fur, or a combination of all three. Many gowns had asymmetrical lace pieces throughout the skirt. While strapless still reigned supreme, every designer had sleeved alternatives. We saw very few long-sleeved gowns, but we did see some interesting long lace jackets that can be worn over the length of the wedding gown. Perhaps this will be an emerging style, particularly for winter weddings. (Many an Adirondack bride might appreciate some extra protection from the cold, particularly when she heads out into the snow for post-nuptial portraits.)

And, naturally, we were featured in the bridal magazine section along with top nationals such as Martha Stewart Weddings. We personally gave copies to several designers and their reactions were priceless: “Is that a wolf? Oh my goodness, that’s a wolf! Hey Susan, come look at this!” Many stopped what they were doing and started flipping through the magazine, commenting on the gorgeous photography, and on our cover bride’s beautiful blue eyes. It was great to be able to share our Adirondack-grown publication with the international bridal community.

Next up: gown photos straight from the runways! Stay tuned for Part 2.


  • Comment by Jessica — August 11, 2013 @ 9:34 pm

    I’m sure Bridal week in New York was incredible! I had noticed the wolf before but now that you mention it.. oh my goodness! That bride is sitting next to a wolf!! lol

  • Comment by Anna — August 14, 2013 @ 3:16 pm

    The wolf caught my eye as well! That is definitely a unique and very memorable photo!

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