• Color Palette
  • February12th


    As Valentine’s Day approaches, we can’t help but get excited for the season’s weddings to come. As you make plans for the big day, you might consider incorporating elements from our Valentine’s Day inspiration board, which combines heart-shaped treats with a rosy color palette. Here, soft reds and pinks offer a subdued take on the classic colors of Valentines, while crisp whites and greens bring to mind the snowy hills and evergreen trees that decorate the Adirondack winter landscape.

    While we feel particularly drawn to heart-shaped food around February 14th, it’s adorable any time of the year! Brunch treats lend themselves particularly well. You could choose to forgo a rehearsal dinner for a rehearsal brunch with these heart-shaped pancakes, waffles, and muffins. Serve with fresh strawberries and some garnish, and you’ll have a meal almost too beautiful to eat. For dessert, consider serving these gorgeous mini-cheesecakes, or offer a dessert table filled with heart-themed cookies and pastries.

    Valentine's Day Inspiration Board | Adirondack Weddings Magazine

    Whether your wedding is Valentine’s Day-themed, or just based around love, consider incorporating edible representations of romance. With a premise as sweet and fun as “the day of love,” it’s hard to go wrong. What are your ideas for a Valentine’s Day Adirondack wedding? Please share in the comment below!

    — Story by Elizabeth R. Davidson